Studiozabalik is a production company based in Rome, Italy
We dream, explore, create and craft
movies, videos and digital experiences.
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a doc by Adriano Cutraro, Federico Greco, Mirko Melchiorre

ITA, UK, BEL, US  2017, 76'

a documentary by Jacopo Marzi

GER, ROM  2019, 52' in production

Piigs is a documentary that challenges prevalent European budgetary policies and the austerity dogma.

With Noam Chomsky, Warren Mosler, Yanis Varoufakis, Paul De Grauwe, Stephanie Kelton, Erri De Luca, Federico Rampini, Paolo Barnard, Vladimiro Giacchè, Marshall Auerback, Claudia Bonfini.

narrated by Willem Dafoe

Where's home? Over the centuries a lot of communities have disappeared from Earth, in different times and places. This is what Transylvanian Saxons are experiencing today. Heavy roots tells their story, divided between Germany and Romania, on behalf of all those communities which shared their fate.

Selected at ZagrebDox Pro development programme.

Project developed as part of Astra Film Lab. Winner of Astra Film Lab Post-production Award.

Commercials / Events

DIGITAL ADV - Lierac Paris

TV SPOT - Caravaggio Napoli

EXHIBIT VIDEO - Classico Pop

EVENT VIDEO - Art in the landscape


Omsop Project

ENEA, Innova, ComPower, City University of London  

Rome city tour

Enjoy Rome



Development and production of audiovisual contents
Multi camera live production and streaming.
Audiovisual installations and performances.   
Fixer service in Rome and around Italia. Locations scouting, research and casting.
Executive production, field production, permit clearance.


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